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Web app security testing is critical to fending off threats.

Web applications have become the #1 point of attack for cyber criminals, making web app security testing an essential part of enterprise security. Because web applications are available 24/7 and provide users with access to data, they are typically the first target for hackers seeking to breach an organization’s defenses. Once malicious individuals gain access to web apps, they can typically also access back-end data that is often confidential, proprietary and highly sensitive. For this reason, securing web applications must be a top priority for enterprise IT teams today.

Web app security testing can help to meet this challenge, but most solutions to date have been expensive and time-consuming to use.App security testing solutions often require a significant investment in on-premises hardware and software, as well as the additional staff to operate, maintain and upgrade them in order to keep pace with the quickly changing threat landscape.

Veracode provides an easier, more effective solution: cloud-based web app security testing services that require no capital investment at no additional or specialized expertise.

Web app security testing with Veracode.

As a leading provider of application security services, Veracode helps to protect the software that drives business today. Veracode’s suite of web app security testing services is unified on a cloud platform that eliminates the need for on-premises technology. By enabling organizations to seamlessly integrate web app security testing into each phase of the software development lifecycle, Veracode simultaneously improves security while reducing the cost and complexity of DevOps testing.

In addition to web app security testing services, Veracode provides a team of world-class experts who continually refine testing methodologies and provide guidance that helps development teams implement best practices and adopt proactive strategies for protecting applications.

Comprehensive services for web app security testing.

Veracode’s web app security testing services include:

  • Static Analysis. Veracode automates static analysis of compiled code to assess the security of web, mobile, desktop and back-end applications.
  • Veracode Greenlight. This Veracode service operates in the background as developers write code and provides alerts and contextual recommendations on ways to improve security.
  • Web Application Scanning. This web app monitoring service finds, secures and monitors all web applications, including apps the enterprise may not know about. In addition to performing a web application audit, this service can perform lightweight scans and authenticated scans to help reduce risk by identifying threats like SQL injection in Java.
  • Software Composition Analysis. Veracode provides technology to scan, manage and catalog open source and commercial code.
  • Vendor Application Security Testing. Veracode scans compiled binaries rather than source code to identify flaws in third-party software.

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