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Improve application security with black box testing.

Black box testing, also known as dynamic analysis security testing (DAST test), is an essential tool in achieving application security. Black box analysis takes place in real time and tries to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit when the application is running in production.

As opposed to white box testing which analyzes source code, black box testing is done without access to code and with no understanding of the structure of the application. A black box test takes an outsider’s view, seeing only what an attacker would see and using the tools and techniques that attackers would employ to penetrate security.

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Black box testing can identify a wide variety of vulnerabilities, including input/output validation problems, server configuration mistakes or errors, and other application-specific problems. But managing a black box testing solution can be both resource-intensive and time-consuming, hindering aggressive development schedules.

For development teams that want to deploy black box testing as part of the application development process, Veracode offers a cloud-based blackbox testing service that can help improve security while still meeting development deadlines.

Black box testing tools from Veracode

Veracode provides application security solutions for a software-driven world. Veracode’s unified platform lets organizations improve the security of applications from inception through production, seamlessly integrating security testing at the most effective and cost-efficient points in the development process.

Veracode Web Application Scanning is a comprehensive testing solution that combines black box testing with additional testing tools to find and fix vulnerabilities in software applications. Veracode’s black box testing solution analyzes and probes applications to find hidden security issues that may be missed by other testing approaches. Veracode’s blackbox test searches inside debug code, directories, leftover source code and resource files to find SQL strings, ODBC connectors, hidden passwords or usernames, and other sensitive information that malicious individuals could use to hack an application.

Benefits of black box testing with Veracode’s dynamic analysis

With Veracode’s black box testing solution, you can:

  •     Probe applications by simulating the attack methods of hackers, identifying vulnerabilities by analyzing unexpected results.
  •     Detect vulnerabilities and issues in applications before they are shipped.
  •     Scan PHP, JAVA/JSP and any other engine-driven web application – Veracode’s tool is not language dependent.
  •     Get a complete report of critical issues with information that helps development and QA teams to re-create vulnerabilities and fix flaws.
  •     Receive guidance for proactive actions that can improve application security overall.

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