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Resolve vulnerabilities with mobile app security testing.

With the rise of mobile Internet usage, mobile app security testing has become a critical part of protecting users and organizations from cyber attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in mobile apps.

The competition for mobile users is fierce. DevOps teams must quickly deliver high-quality mobile apps and update them frequently in order to satisfy user expectations. But the need to meet accelerated development deadlines is often at odds with regulatory pressures and the need for adequate mobile app security testing to avoid the risk of a serious breach. Traditional testing solutions have often been time-consuming and difficult to use, leading development teams to cut corners on security testing or to only test code that is written in-house while leaving third-party software components exposed.

Veracode provides an alternative solution – a suite of application security testing solutions that enable development teams to easily and efficiently integrate mobile app security testing throughout the development process.

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Improve mobile app security testing with Veracode.

Veracode provides application security testing solutions that enable development teams and enterprises to quickly and easily test code for vulnerabilities at any point in the SDLC. As a cloud-based service, Veracode solutions can be seamlessly used with any integrated development environment to find and fix flaws at the most efficient and effective point in the development process.

Our mobile app security testing services combine static and behavioral analysis in a single lightning-fast scan to deliver full visibility into flaws like buffer overflow or XSS in mobile apps in real time. Our solutions are easy to use and highly accurate, helping to avoid false positives and providing step-by-step guidance to remediate vulnerabilities found during mobile app security testing. With Veracode, development teams can meet the demands of regulatory frameworks like HIPAA and SarbOx compliance more quickly and with less effort.

Veracode’s mobile app security testing solutions.

Our technology provides mobile app security testing for a full range of use cases for mobile applications. Unlike other behavioral scanners that execute software and observe the resulting behavior, our technology follows the data flow in an application without having to execute the code. This approach provides a more thorough scan because we can analyze all the behavior an application may produce, not just the behavior observed during a test run.

Our technology for mobile app security testing includes:

  • Static Analysis, to scan binaries to find and fix flaws quickly.
  • Software Composition Analysis, for identifying flaws in open source code.
  • Web Application Security, a service that helps to secure web applications by identifying and scanning all public-facing web apps.
  • Manual Penetration Testing, for finding vulnerabilities that automated scans a mess.

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