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Veracode Static Analysis provides fast, automated security feedback to developers in the IDE and the pipeline, and conducts a full policy scan before deployment to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. It gives clear guidance on what issues to focus on and how to fix them faster. Results have high accuracy without manual tuning based on 14 trillion lines of code scanned through our SaaS-based engines. Veracode’s DevSecOps programs help organizations automate security feedback, align with development to reduce the security debt, and help scale to more applications through best practices and on-demand expertise.


Start Scanning Immediately


Quickly and easily get started with minimal impact on your engineering efforts:

  • No hardware to install or manage due to SaaS model
  • Seamlessly launch scans from the Veracode platform or via your IDE or CI/CD pipeline
  • Leverage Veracode's policies or create your own custom policies to meet your audit deadlines on day one
  • Accelerate program adoption and application coverage with Program Management support

Global Fortune 500 on-boards developers in less then 2 hours- including automated user provisioning, training, application upload and review of initial assessment results

Scan With Speed And Scale

Veracode's SaaS-based platform and programmatic approach provides the people, process and technology needed to scale efficiently and scan with speed

  • Get security feedback as you code: As developers are writing code, the IDE Scan provides focused, real-time security feedback. Companies using the IDE Scan have reduced flaws introduced in new code by 60%.
  • Receive fast results in the pipeline: The Pipeline Scan is run on every build and provides security feedback on the code at a team level – with a median scan time of 90 seconds and the ability to break the build if new security issues are found.
  • Satisfy auditors and achieve compliance: Before you release the software, a Policy Scan completes a full assessment of the code with an audit trail for compliance purposes – in a median scan time of 8 minutes. Development teams can preview compliance in a sandbox before promoting the scan to policy.
  • Test web, mobile or desktop applications of any size with consistent, repeatable processes and policies - even if you don't have the source cod

After their breach, a Global Bank knew they needed an enterprise-wide program with a consistent set of centralized policies, metrics and reporting across different development team worldwide. With only 4 FTEs managing the program they analyzed over 750 applications and brought almost 500 applications into compliance in less than two years with Veracode Static Analysis.

Focus On Fixing, Not Just Finding

Veracode Static Analysis is engineered to reduce your Mean Time to Resolve(MTTR) for security flaws.

  • Use the in-line remediation advice and eLearning tools aligned with specific vulnerabilities to fix flaws fast
  • Get 1:1 consultations with our AppSec consultants, who have delivered over 13,000 hours of advice to developers on how to fix security defects
  • Using the Veracode approach, development teams fix more than 2.5x the average number of flaws per megabyte

Within the first two years of the program, Veracode helped a Global 500 Technology Company identify and mitigate 65,000 vulnerabilities

Integrate With Your DevOps Tool Chain


Seamless integration with more than 24 tools across the SDLC has resulted in as much as 90% or greater reduction in remediation costs for our customers



Include static scan in your pipeline

"Vendor assisted with a quick implementation of solution while providing full support and training for end-users. Client representative was focused on quality of product and ROI instead of simply making a sale."

Solution Architect

Retail Industry

Avoid Chasing False Positives


Our SaaS platform gets better with every scan. With over ten years of experience and 6 trillion lines of code scanned, we have the industry leading false positive rate of less than 5% without rule tweaking or manual reviews - meaning you can focus on fixing real security defects.

  • No wasted time sorting through alerts on code you build right the first time
  • No need to tweak or suppress rules, meaning you won't miss out on any real flaws and won't need to complete manual processes for every application scanned
  • Industry-leading 1.1% false positive rate, verified by customers on thousands of applications

Meet Compliance Regulations And Security Policies

Accelerate meeting compliance and security policy for all your applications without bringing on additional resources.

  • Leverage out of the box and customizable policies to scan on day one
  • Test in the Developer Sandbox before submitting for policy testing to improve your fix rate by an average of 48.2%
  • Get clarity from easy to interpret Pass/Fail indicators and comprehensive program analytics across all testing methodologies, including DAST, SCA and penetration testing
  • Use on-demand developer coaching and training to expedite remediation before audit deadlines or in response to findings
  • Receive Veracode Verified certification to attest compliance to audit boards and 3rd parties

Global information Services Firm was facing an external PCI audit and had no AppSec program in place. Within less than three months they used Veracode Static Analysis to scan, remediate and validate all of their 38 PCI-related applications.

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Don't Buy a Tool, Get a Full-Service Solution


Many AppSec programs fail because companies buy tools but they don't have the bandwidth and specialized expertise to manage a program and service developer needs. Veracode Static Analysis is part of the Veracode Platform, Which combines all major application security methodologies under one roof so you can mange risk across your entire application landscape.


  • Extend your team with more than 400,000 hours of program management experience and security expertise
  • Get visibility into application status across all testing types including DAST, SCA and MPT in one centralized view