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Reduce Your Risk of a Breach


Veracode Dynamic Analysis gives you a unified Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution that combines depth of coverage with unmatched scalability, scanning speed, and accuracy. The built-in automation and ease-of-use features help you quickly set up and configure single or recurring scans that run when it works best for your organization. And Veracode Dynamic Analysis delivers vulnerability results with a less-than 1 percent false-positive rate, ensuring that your teams are not wasting time sorting through results and are instead able to remediate your vulnerabilities as soon as they receive their reports.


Save time and effort with automated scans

Spend less time worrying about and managing the scanning process thanks to Veracode Dynamic Analysis:

Recurring scheduling: You can easily set up individual or batch scans that run on a recurring schedule so that you don’t need to constantly manage and kick off scans yourself.

Automated pause & resume: You can schedule dynamic scans to ensure you don’t disrupt IT operations. With this feature, you rely on the product to automatically pause if a scan runs into an IT maintenance window, and resume where it left off during the next available scan window.

Scan and fix more apps faster

Veracode Dynamic Analysis covers all your web apps, even difficult-to-scan apps, such as single page and large web apps, and those behind login screens. If you need it, our Dynamic Scan Engineers will adjust login scripts to ensure that authenticated scans make it past the login screen and run without issue.

Most importantly, you’ll get accurate results fast. Our redesigned scan engine crawls and audits pages more rapidly and returns results with a <1% false-positive rate.

Scan Critical Applications Behind the Firewall

Veracode Dynamic Analysis provides functionality for dynamic scanning of applications that cannot be reached via public IP addresses or URLS, whether they are hosted in the cloud, on a virtual machine, or on a bare metal system. Use Veracode’s proxy on the network segment to scan one or more web applications. Enable support access to your applications if you need Veracode to help troubleshoot a scan or provide remediation advice to developers.

Easily onboard and scale

You can set up a Veracode Dynamic Analysis scan with just the URL.

And when you need to scan multiple applications, you simply upload a .csv document with all of the URLs. In addition, you can scan multiple applications at the same time. No matter the size of your organization, you don’t have to wait for a scan to complete before starting the next one.

Discover how DAST scanning reduces your risk of a breach

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Streamline AppSec with one unified platform

With Veracode, you get all your test results – static analysis, software composition analysis, manual penetration testing, and dynamic analysis – in one location.

In addition, your remediation guidance is consolidated in one place. All Veracode scan results provide easy-to-understand remediation guidance that both explains what the vulnerability does and how to remediate it.

Leverage AppSec pros to achieve program success

With Veracode’s security program managers, you get the expertise and guidance you need to succeed. Security program managers can help you set up your new program, or optimize an existing one.

If you come across a challenging remediation or don’t have the in-house application security knowledge to remediate, you can schedule a call with an application security consultant to help evaluate the issue and figure out how to best remediate or mitigate it.

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