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Testing can prevent Java SQL injection.

SQL injection in Java continues to be one of the most common attacks on web applications. In part, this is because a Java SQL injection requires so little skill to pull off – even novice hackers can wreak havoc with relatively little effort.

A Java SQL injection is enabled by a web application that doesn’t properly sanitize data it receives from a user, often from a web form field. In these instances, hackers can enter SQL commands into a field that are then added to an SQL query executed by the application database. With just a few commands, hackers may easily be able to access the database to steal data or credentials, or to alter the way the database behaves.

While an SQL injection Java attack can have serious consequences, it is relatively easy to prevent with regular testing of applications in development and production. Even so, many companies fail to adequately defend against a Java SQL injection.

Veracode helps by providing cloud-based services that simplify and automate testing to provide superior protection against Java SQL injection attacks, as well as many other threats to applications and websites.

Defend against Java SQL injection with Veracode.

Veracode has become an industry-leading provider of application security solutions, protecting the software that businesses rely on most. Our suite of cloud based security solutions are designed to support an agile testing process, allowing developers and IT administrators to inject security and testing protocols throughout the software development and procurement process. By making it easy to test applications from inception through production and before and after purchase, we improve the quality and reduce the cost of ensuring application security.

Veracode’s technology for combating Java SQL injection.

To prevent Java SQL injection attacks, Veracode provides a variety of automated testing services that function as an SQL injection scanner, analyzing code to find the vulnerabilities that permit SQL injection in Java and other languages.

  • Our Static Analysis technology scans compiled binaries rather than source code to search for vulnerabilities, returning results within hours. Reports include a list of flaws prioritized by severity as well as guidance on how best to remediate them. This service is also ideal for finding Java SQL injection vulnerabilities in third-party software, as vendors are not required to divulge source code.
  • Our Web Application Scanning service scans all public-facing websites and applications, performing both lightweight and deep scans on applications and continually monitoring sites for flaws and weaknesses.

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