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Cyber Security: Improve Your Online Strategy for Cyber Threats, Risks

Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber security awareness is at an all-time high. Many companies and countries understand that cyber threat is one of the most serious economic security challenges they face and that their economic prosperity depends on cyber security. It seems as though every day a shadowy organization makes cyber security threats and that these threats result in more and more cyber security attacks on enterprises, resulting in loss of confidential data, trust and money. The cyber security challenge for enterprises is so great that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued guidance concerning when public companies may need to disclose cyber security risks and cyber security incidents.

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What Is Cyber Security?

According to Merriam-Webster, cyber security is the set of "measures taken to protect a computer or computer system (as on the internet) against unauthorized access or attack." This broad and all-encompassing cyber security definition poses a significant challenge for enterprises; therefore, it is highly critical for enterprises to have an in-depth cyber security strategy and plan in place in order to provide the maximum level of protection from cyber security risks at not just the network perimeter but also the application layer.

Cyber Security Is a Critical Enterprise Priority

Enterprises have done a fairly good job of protecting the network layer and end points of the cyber security surface; however, the application layer remains especially vulnerable to cyber security risks, which means the primary focus of the enterprise’s security plan today must be on applications. Malicious code, application backdoors and lack of security functionality are among the cyber security risks that enterprises must address in an assessment. Yet implementing cyber threat solutions is increasingly difficult as applications proliferate from diverse sources (third party, in-house, COTS, etc.), reside on more and more platforms (web servers, application servers, mobile devices, etc.), and become more complex. Cyber security risks embedded in any of these components are difficult to find. In components where source code is unavailable, traditional application security tools are nearly obsolete. That's why Veracode has introduced a new approach to cyber security—on-demand binary analysis for highly effective and cost-efficient application security review.

Uncover Cyber Threats and Improve Cyber Security With Application Testing

Veracode is an automated application security testing solution that makes comprehensive cyber security for applications simpler and more cost-effective. With Veracode, enterprises do not need to purchase hardware or software, train personnel or spend lots of resources to keep it all up-to-date. With Veracode, enterprises can submit code at any time and quickly get results. Veracode's flexibility and ease of implementation allow the enterprise to scale application security assurance quickly and easily to meet the demands of cyber security in software development.

Protect the Enterprise against Cyber Security Threats

To combat cyber threats, Veracode scans for a variety of malicious code as well as for programming errors, such as lack of functionality, that may inadvertently compromise enterprise security. Veracode can quickly be integrated into development testing cycles, delivering superior software assurance and letting developers focus on their core competencies instead of having to become software security experts as well. With Veracode, enterprises can cost-effectively protect themselves against the increasingly difficult cyber security challenge.

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