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The danger of website SQL injection.

Among the biggest threats to application security, website SQL injection ranks among the most dangerous risks. In website SQL injections, cyber criminals are able to hack a website by tricking the site into sending unexpected SQL commands to a database. This is often accomplished by entering specific data into a web form field – if the application doesn’t properly clean untrusted data before adding it to an SQL query, attackers can enter their own SQL commands for the database to execute. By getting an application to modify a website SQL query, attackers can control application behavior, alter the data without authorization or access the data for criminal purposes.

While the steps to prevent website SQL injection are fairly easy and straightforward, many companies lack the enterprise data protection protocols and solutions that can help to eradicate website SQL weaknesses.

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Stop website SQL attacks with Veracode.

Veracode provides leading application security testing solutions that can help to easily prevent website SQL injection as well as many additional threats. Our cloud-based suite of application testing services enable developers and IT administrators to test for flaws and weaknesses throughout the software development lifecycle, from inception through production. Our SaaS-based offerings allow organizations to quickly and easily adopt powerful testing technology without capital expense. And with accurate results returned quickly, developers can effectively mitigate website SQL risks and other threats without hindering aggressive development timelines.

Our test results identify a wide variety of risks in applications – from broken authentication and session management to cross site scripting, buffer overflow vulnerabilities, cryptographically insecure storage and the presence of other flaws and malware software. Developers can rely on our step-by-step remediation advice to quickly find and fix flaws in software in development or production.

Veracode technology for preventing website SQL threats.

Veracode provides several on-demand services that can help to identify and remediate website SQL injection weaknesses in applications.

  • Veracode Static Analysis is an automated process for testing micro services and web, mobile and desktop applications. Our technology scans compiled binaries, eliminating the need for access to source code. Veracode Static Analysis supports all widely used languages and development frameworks.
  • Veracode Web Application Scanning uses both static and dynamic testing to perform lightweight scans on thousands of websites and web applications in parallel, prioritizing risks by severity to help speed remediation. Web Application Scanning can also run authenticated scans on critical applications to systematically reduce risk and continuously monitor security status.

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