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Web vulnerability scanners improve software security.

As more than half of all breaches today involve web applications, web vulnerability scanners have become an indispensable part of application security.

A web application scanner can evaluate applications in development or production to identify potential weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers. From malicious code and SQL insertion to back doors and cross-site scripting, web vulnerability scanners enable developers find and fix flaws more effectively and cost-efficiently to deliver safer software and protect organizations from attack.

While the value of web vulnerability scanners is unquestionable, this technology has not always been manageable or affordable. Too often, companies have found vulnerability scanning technology to be prohibitively expensive or time-consuming, requiring significant investments in software and hardware and in staff time to manage and maintain it.

Veracode offers an alternative: SaaS-based,on-demand web vulnerability scanners that enable developers to quickly and easily test applications for flaws.

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On-demand web vulnerability scanners from Veracode.

Veracode provides solutions that help to improve the security of applications that businesses depend on most. With scalable cloud-based services and a programmatic approach, we help organizations to secure their entire global application infrastructure and to continue innovating without sacrificing security.

With services for web vulnerability scanners from Veracode, IT administrators and developers can submit an application for testing through Veracode’s online platform and get results within several hours. Results are prioritized by severity of flaws and offer step-by-step remediation advice, enabling developers to find and fix flaws more quickly.

Veracode also provides solutions for testing third-party software, securing applications in software containers, and for providing immediate and contextual feedback within an IDE to allow developers to fix flaws as they write code.

Web vulnerability scanners with multiple methodologies.

Veracodeweb vulnerability scanners employ a variety of techniques for identifying weaknesses, helping to significantly improve application security. Veracode technology includes:

  • Static Analysis or white box testing with automated processes that deliver repeatable results. Veracode Static Analysis can evaluate the security of web, mobile and desktop applications as well as microservices in all widely-used languages, helping to identify and remediate SQL injection in Java and other languages, cross-site request forgery, and other vulnerabilities that may jeopardize security.
  • Dynamic Analysis or black box testing that helps to find and fix a broad range of vulnerabilities that may not be discovered via other testing methods.
  • Software Composition Analysis tools for identifying and managing flaws in open source and commercial software.

Learn more about Veracodeweb vulnerability scanners, or download a SQL cheat sheet to learn more about preventing this dangerous threat.

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