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Web Security Defined

As more and more information is available on the web, securing that data becomes increasingly important to protect users. As a developer, you are on the front lines of preventing your company from having a crisis due to a web security breach. Web security has risen to the top of the agenda for security professionals striving to control their company’s overall risk profile. Recent statistics reveal that as many as 70% of websites have vulnerabilities and 75% of new attacks specifically target the application layer in order to exploit these weaknesses and steal critical financial and customer data. Veracode enables you to solve the web security challenge in a fundamentally different and better way.

Web Security Requires Superior Testing Solutions

Software applications have become the enterprise's new security perimeter. This is truer than ever when it comes to website security and web security testing. Because web applications must be available 24/7 and offer data access to customers, employees, suppliers and others, they are frequently the weak link in enterprise web security. As threats against the application layer continue to increase, website security has become a critical enterprise priority. If web applications are not secure, enterprises expose themselves to a variety of attacks that may range from embarrassing defacing of web pages to loss of confidential customer information. Web security testing is an effective technique for scanning web applications for vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL injection. Traditional web page security testing products were expensive to purchase and maintain, and often required that developers be trained in website security techniques. Veracode, on the other hand, offers a highly effective and cost-efficient web security testing solution.

Veracode: Testing for Website Security

Veracode is dedicated to providing simple and cost-effective web security solutions. Veracode provides as-needed web security testing that saves companies time and money. Organizations can skip the capital investment in testing software and hardware. Developers are free to work on building applications instead of needing to train in web security testing technology and become web security experts.

Veracode's automated web security scanner, also known as dynamic analysis or black-box testing, empowers companies to identify and remediate security issues in their running web applications before hackers can exploit them. By testing web security in a run-time environment, Veracode inspects applications the same way a hacker would attack them – providing accurate and actionable vulnerability detection.

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