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Improve application security with web scanning technology.

As web applications play an increasingly important role in facilitating communication with customers, employees and partners, web scanning technology can help to ensure that these critical applications are free of flaws that could lead to costly breaches.

Despite continuing attacks from a universe of security threats, many web applications today are not built with security in mind. Additionally, many companies have scores or hundreds of legacy websites and old web applications that pose an even more significant risk. Many of these were created by defunct business units or acquired through M&A – in many cases, companies may not be aware these web applications (and their associated security risks) even exist.

That’s where Veracode can add significant value – with a web scanning solution that can inventory all web apps as well as the flaws and vulnerabilities they contain.

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Web scanning solutions from Veracode.

Veracode provides application security testing services on demand, helping organizations to protect the software they rely on most. With Veracode’s comprehensive suite of services, developers and IT security teams can test software for vulnerabilities at any point in the development lifecycle, rather than waiting until a security hardening stage late in the process when remediating issues is more difficult and costly. Our services work seamlessly with the C integrated development environment and other IDEs, allowing developers to test code without having to open or learn a new tool. With Veracode, organizations can take security beyond the network security firewall with secure coding practices that protect software from the inside out.

Veracode Web Application Scanning is a web scanning solution that performs several services. Initially, our web scanning technology discovers inventories all external web applications, including the sites that companies may not know about or have lost track of. Veracode web scanning services typically find 30% to 40% more websites than customers were aware they had.

Next, our web scanning service runs a lightweight scan on thousands of sites in parallel, identifying critical flaws and prioritizing the most significant risks. Finally, Veracode web scanning technology runs authenticated scans on critical apps to reduce risk while monitoring security posture.

Advantages of Veracode’s web scanning services.

With technology from Veracode, you can:

  • Assess risk across your entire web app portfolio.
  • Work more efficiently, with an Internet security test that delivers fewer false positives and step-by-step remediation advice that helps to find and fix flaws faster.
  • Support M&A activities with web scanning tools to assess another company’s web assets, or to test your existing web perimeter for legacy websites to shut down orsecure.
  • Manage multiple security testing methodologies on a single platform, combining static, dynamic and software composition analysis as well as web pen testing for a complete application security program.

Learn more about web scanning with Veracode, or visit our AppSec knowledgebase for a spoofing definition and answers to questions like “What is load testing?

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