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Unit testing tools can streamline application security.

Unit testing is an approach to application security that uses unit testing tools to determine whether small individual microservices and units of source code are free of flaws and fit for use. By scanning smaller bits of code earlier in the process, unit testing tools enable developers to find flaws faster, fix them more easily and deliver more secure applications with less cost.

The challenge of unit testing tools is the amount of time they can take to administer. Some developers find that writing unit tests can take as long as actually writing the code to be tested. For software development teams facing aggressive build timelines, the added delays that unit testing tools introduce are simply acceptable.

That’s where Veracode can help. By providing automated unit testing tools that enable developers to test code quickly, easily and continually, Veracode helps software teams build more secure applications from the very start of development.

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Unit testing tools from Veracode.

As a leading provider of automated software testing solutions, Veracode helps to secure and protect the software the world relies on for business-critical operations. Veracode’s application security solutions are built on a unified platform that combines automation, process and speed to deliver comprehensive testing technology. In addition to unit testing tools, Veracode provides solutions for static analysis, blackbox testing techniques, software composition analysis, vendor application security testing and other approaches to evaluating code. With Veracode, developers have the tools they need to find flaws at the very point in development/deployment chain where it is easiest and most cost efficient to fix them.

Veracode Greenlight provides unit testing tools that can find security defects in code as it is being written and provide contextual remediation suggestions to fix issues within seconds – right in the developer’s IDE. Most Veracode Greenlight scans complete in less than 10 seconds, enabling developers to continue building applications without delay. Greenlight runs in the background and provides actionable and accurate results with very few false positives. With Veracode, developers get immediate feedback as soon as a flaw is introduced, and positive feedback when they have taken action to secure the application.

Advantages of Veracode’s unit testing tools.

With unit testing tools in Veracode Greenlight, development teams can:

  • Identify and remediate flaws in software earlier in the process – with less effort to find them and less time to fix them.
  • Flag flaws as soon as they are written, providing developers with recommendations for efficient remediation.
  • Protect applications with Veracode’s static analysis engine which has scanned more than 2 trillion lines of code to date.


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