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Testing web applications are critical to security.

More than half of all security breaches today originate in a web application[i] – which makes testing web applications for flaws an essential part of enterprise security. The challenge, however, is finding software testing tools that are effective, cost-efficient and easy to integrate into the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Most technologies for testing web applications involve a significant investment in hardware and software as well as dedicated staff resources to manage a complicated tool. Developers are often resistant to solutions for testing web applications early in the SDLC, as many testing processes add delays to aggressive production deadlines. And traditional testing solutions require access to source code, which may not be available when software is purchased from a third party.

That’s why, when searching for the best technology for testing web applications, more enterprises around the world are turning to solutions from Veracode.

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Testing web applications with Veracode

Veracode offers a unified platform with comprehensive cloud-based solutions for testing web applications and other software products. As an on-demand service, Veracode lets you take advantage of automated code testing technology without capital investment or dedicated staff resources. With Veracode, you can add processes for testing web applications at any stage in the software development lifecycle, from inception through production. Testing web applications simply involve submitting code via an online platform and getting results back within hours. Veracode prioritizes flaws based on the severity of the risk, on how quickly they can be fixed and on your organization’s security objectives. And because Veracode scans binaries rather than requiring source code, it is the perfect solution for testing web applications that you build, buy or assemble.

Veracode’s comprehensive solutions for testing web applications

Veracode offers a suite of tools for testing web applications as well as solutions for desktop, back-end and mobile app testing. With Veracode, you can find and fix flaws at any point in the SDLC:

  • As code is being written. Veracode Greenlight works in your IDE to identify flaws as developers are coding and provide contextual remediation recommendations.
  • After code is compiled. Veracode Static Analysis scans binaries to analyze major frameworks and languages to quickly identify and remediate security flaws.
  • In applications in production. Veracode Web Application Scanning discovers and monitors all public-facing web applications, performing lightweight scans on thousands of sites in parallel to find critical vulnerabilities and identify your biggest risks.
  • In open source software. Veracode Software Composition Analysis makes it easy to inventory open source components and identify vulnerabilities in open source code.

Learn more about testing web applications with technology from Veracode and about Veracode’s security testing tools for mobile applications.




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