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Achieve SarbOx compliance with security testing tools.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SarbOx) has created new requirements for application security testing, but the right tools can help organizations achieve SarbOx compliance more affordably and effectively.

To demonstrate SarbOx compliance, public companies must have independent auditing over their financial systems, applications and processes in order to validate the integrity of financial data. Because finances are so often managed with and automated by software today, application security testing has become an essential part of achieving SarbOx compliance. And as financial applications grow increasingly complicated and become more interconnected with other business software, managing application security testing for SarbOx compliance can easily consume a disproportionate amount of IT budgets and staff resources.

Veracode can help. By enabling companies to easily test for security flaws like sequel injection or buffer overflow throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC), Veracode enables organizations to cost-effectively manage application security risk while improving SarbOx compliance.

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Veracode solutions for SarbOx compliance

Veracode provides application security testing solutions that enable organizations and development teams to secure critical software more effectively and cost-efficiently. With a suite of cloud-based services for desktop, web and mobile app security testing, Veracode enables developers to find and fix flaws at any point in the development process.

Veracode provides the automated, independent verification of SarbOx-related IT controls for both internal and external auditors. CISOs get a centralized view of their application portfolio through a dashboard that delivers details on how each app is performing relative to security policy.

The Veracode platform automates SarbOx compliance testing and analysis, updating reporting dashboards and delivering actionable findings for quick remediation. Ultimately, Veracode provides audit-ready proof of socks compliance, demonstrating that the appropriate application controls are maintaining applications in accordance with security and processing integrity policies requirements.

Comprehensive documentation of SarbOx compliance

Veracode lets organizations show SarbOx compliance by detailing controls related to specific aspects of the Sarbanes-Oxley act, including:

  • AI2 Acquire and Maintain Application Software - Veracode makes it easy to secure web, desktop and mobile applications by testing code that is built, bought or assembled, and by providing actionable remediation guidance that helps developers learn more secure coding practices.
  • AI5 Procure IT Resources - Veracode enables developers to test off-the-shelf applications without accessing source code.
  • AI7 Install and Accredit Solutions and Changes - with Veracode, developers can quickly test changes and satisfy “independent” guidelines.
  • DS2 Manage 3rd Party Services – Veracode Vendor Application Security Testing enables fast and accurate evaluation of the risks in code provided by vendors.

Learn more about SarbOx compliance with Veracode, or consult the Veracode AppSec knowledge base to get answers to questions like “what is a worm?” and “what are CSRF attacks?”

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