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Protect applications with an Internet security test.

In a world where everything is increasingly linked together, an Internet security test is critical to protecting applications that are constantly exposed to potential attack from malicious individuals and cyber criminals.

Software applications are among the most frequent targets of attack today. Web applications are especially vulnerable, as they must be available 24/7 to provide information to employees, customers, and partners. When attacks on these applications are successful, hackers can gain access to sensitive data, take control of systems, wreak havoc, and cause the kind of security breaches that cost millions in damages and lost reputation.

Applying an Internet security test to web applications can help to find and fix flaws that may otherwise allow attackers to gain unauthorized access. Ideally, applications should be subjected to an Internet security test throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC), from inception through production. By adding security testing to their network security tools and continually submitting applications and sites to a web scanning technology, developers and IT teams can help their organization achieve greater application and cyber security.

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Internet security test solutions from Veracode.

Veracode provides automated application security testing that enables organizations to better protect the software they depend on most. With a comprehensive suite of testing services, including an Internet security test, we make application testing easier, faster, and more affordable. Our technology is available on-demand as SaaS-based services, allowing organizations to quickly add powerful Internet security test technology to security practices without incurring upfront costs or capital expense. Role based access controls ensure maximum flexibility and granular control, and APIs and plug-ins allow our testing services to be seamlessly integrated into IDEs so developers don’t need to open a new testing environment when submitting code for review.

Veracode Dynamic Analysis: a leading Internet security test.

We provide a leading Internet security test in Veracode Dynamic Analysis. This unified solution helps to protect organizations and their web applications by:

  • Discovering and inventorying all public-facing websites and applications – even the ones that organizations may have lost track of. Veracode Dynamic Analysis typically finds 30 to 40% more websites than IT teams were aware they owned, enabling them to more thoroughly evaluate risk and to shut down sites that may pose a threat.
  • Performing lightweight scans on thousands of sites in parallel to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize them for remediation.
  • Running authenticated scans on critical applications to reduce risk while monitoring security posture.

In addition to automated scanning through Dynamic Analysis, we offer manual web pen testing that can help to find flaws that may elude automated scans.

Learn more about Veracode’s Internet security testsolutions, or visit our AppSec knowledgebase for a spoofing definition or to learn about the role of load testing in application security.