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What Is ITIL?

Service Strategies

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a document management collection of information that contains guidelines about how to create best-practice infrastructure in the IT management of your organization. ITIL is meant to help companies improve how IT security is handled and overseen. ITIL is a widely used framework of standards that helps guide businesses to organize their IT infrastructure more securely and completely. ITIL allows organizations to prioritize those security aspects that should be implemented and affect their business most directly and to not add parts that do not affect them. ITIL helps develop an IT Service Management program that allows organizations to provide guidance about best practices within their field. Overall, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is meant to help organizations put together a comprehensive IT program that will secure their company on many fronts and make them aware of all of the different possibilities.

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How Can Veracode Be Incorporated With ITIL?

Veracode Program Management Office

ITIL offers a broad-spectrum outlook about information security. ITIL goes beyond virus protection and delves into deeper layers of security that every company needs to pay attention to. Information security is becoming more and more important; attacks that steal information not only cost a company capital, but also their reputations. The ITIL program helps organizations facilitate the changes that need to be made to secure themselves. If your organization has or would like to start an ITIL program, there are several pieces that need to be put together, and Veracode can help with the application layer. Veracode offers a way to test applications for security flaws and mitigate the possibility of attack. Application security is a necessary step on the way to a secure company for both internally built applications and applications purchased from third-party vendors. There is risk from many angles, and the information technology coordinators have to plan for every contingency. Instead of hiring a team of manual penetration testers, Veracode can statically and dynamically test your applications to secure them as part of your ITIL program.


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