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Blackbox testing is crucial to application security

When it comes to finding flaws and vulnerabilities in applications, blackbox testing (also known as a Dynamic Analysis or DAST test) offers certain advantages over other testing methods. In a black box test, testers tried to exploit weaknesses in programs in a run-time environment, replicating the kind of attack that a hacker or malicious individual might attempt. In blackbox testing, the testers have no knowledge of the program’s architecture or source code, so they must try a variety of techniques when attempting to breach application security. Blackbox testing techniques typically involve communicating with a web application through the front-end, looking for vulnerabilities that include input/output validation issues that may leave the application open to cross-site scripting, SQL injection and other attacks. Black box testing can also search for server configuration mistakes or errors, as well as other specific application problems.

When incorporating blackbox testing into software development processes, most developers are concerned about two things: the hindrance that testing can place on aggressive development timelines, and the need to master a new tool. That’s why, when choosing a blackbox testing solution, more development teams today are turning to Veracode.

Blackbox testing with Veracode

As a leading provider of application security solutions, Veracode delivers cloud-based black box analysis solutions that make blackbox testing quick and easy. As a SaaS-based service, Veracode’s blackbox test can be implemented without capital expense and is easy for developers to use. Results are returned quickly – most often within four hours.

Veracode’s blackbox testing tools analyze the content presented by an application to find security issues that may be overlooked by other testing techniques. Veracode’s tool looks inside debug code, leftover source code and resource files to identify hidden usernames/passwords, ODBC connectors, SQL strings, and other sensitive information that malicious individuals might use to gain unauthorized access to software.

Veracode’s blackbox testing solution also integrates seamlessly with Veracode’s static analysis (white box testing) solutions to provide a comprehensive service for improving application security.

Advantages of Veracode’s blackbox testing solution

  • With a blackbox testing solution from Veracode, you can:
  • Simulate an actual attack to find unexpected results.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in the finalized release candidate before shipping.
  • Scan applications written in Java/JSP, PHP and other engine-driven web applications.
  • Use detailed remediation information to fix flaws more quickly.
  • Get advice on long-term strategies and proactive steps to improve overall application security.

Learn more about blackbox testing tools from Veracode, and about Veracode solution for runtime application self-protection in Java (RASP Java).

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