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Find Vulnerabilities Without Adding Time to Your Pipeline


Veracode Interactive Analysis (IAST) helps teams instantly discover vulnerabilities in their applications at runtime by embedding security into their development processes and integrating directly into their CI/CD pipelines. Veracode Interactive Analysis uses the QA testing activities that your development teams have already created to provide you with actionable results that have zero false positives, ensuring that development teams are releasing high-quality, secure applications.


IAST Product Page - What is Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)?

What is Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)?

IAST analyzes your running application’s code for security vulnerabilities by leveraging the QA testing environment that development teams have already built as part of their deployment process. IAST leverages a wide array of QA activities such as smoke, unit, functional, and manual tests to exercise the application.

Solely relying upon QA activities can leave you at risk of a breach because most development teams can’t be sure they have 100% test script coverage for their applications. Best of breed IAST solutions should also provide alternative ways to fully test the application. For example, leveraging a dynamic crawler will exercise all parts of web applications, even areas that QA activities may miss, which will better satisfy the security team’s coverage needs.


IAST Product Page - Embed Security into the CI/CD pipeline

Embed Security into the CI/CD pipeline

Veracode Interactive Analysis supports the most popular CI/CD pipelines and development languages so your teams can easily incorporate security testing, results review, and remediation into their release processes.

Veracode Interactive Analysis leverages agents to hook around your runtime application’s test instead of embedding within the code, so it doesn’t require changing your application code – a common challenge with alternative solutions that complicates leveraging IAST. Additionally, as many teams turn to containers for their application development needs, Veracode Interactive Analysis agents can be deployed into the container base image ensuring that security is built into the application from the start.


IAST Product Page - Fast, High-Quality Results with Zero False Positives

Fast, High-Quality Results with Zero False Positives

Veracode Interactive Analysis is able to deliver results with zero false positives by embedding into the application at runtime. By evaluating a running application, Veracode Interactive Analysis observes and reports upon real-time vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit. This helps teams prioritize high criticality results because developers are being alerted as soon as the QA activity is performed.


IAST Product Page - Securing your APIs

Securing your APIs

Veracode Interactive Analysis automates the process of testing both your internal and external APIs. We do this by leveraging the existing functional tests to exercise the API, so there are no extra steps to train Veracode Interactive Analysis on the function calls. This means that your teams can scan your APIs early and often to ensure that they do not become an exploitable vector into your applications or back-end systems.


IAST Product Page - Leverage AppSec pros to achieve program success

Leverage AppSec pros to achieve program success

Security experts are in short supply, and application security is not a simple problem. With Veracode’s Security Program Managers, you get the expertise and guidance you need to succeed. Security Program Managers can help you set up your new program, or optimize an existing one, and even help your teams move from legacy development processes into DevSecOps.

In addition, application security success is about more than finding flaws; it’s about fixing them. If you come across a challenging remediation or don’t have the in-house application security knowledge to remediate, you can schedule a call with a Veracode Application Security Consultant who will help your teams evaluate the issue and figure out how to best remediate or mitigate it.