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Comprehensive Analysis

Veracode application analysis tools cover web and mobile apps, as well as microservices in most major programming languages and frameworks. In addition, development teams can automate analysis in the pipeline with Veracode's integrations.

Veracode Static Analysis

The Veracode Static Analysis family enables teams to quickly identify and remediate application security flaws. From scans in the IDE and in the pipeline right into deployment, Veracode Static Analysis helps ensure that no security defects escape to the master branch and production. Veracode delivers a false-positive rate of less than 1.1 percent without rule tweaking or manual reviews.

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Veracode Software Composition Analysis

With the largest vulnerability database available, including undisclosed vulnerabilities sourced from data mining and machine learning technology, Veracode Software Composition Analysis ensures teams stay ahead of vulnerabilities in open source code.

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Veracode Interactive Analysis

Veracode Interactive Analysis uses the QA testing activities that development teams have already created to provide actionable results that have zero false positives, ensuring that development teams are releasing high-quality, secure applications.

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Veracode Dynamic Analysis

Veracode Dynamic Analysis scans web applications in staging or production, combining depth of coverage with unmatched scalability, scanning speed, and accuracy.

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Veracode Discovery

Veracode Discovery identifies all public-facing web applications related to your organization to help you stay up to date on what you need to protect.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing uses ethical hackers to manually test web, mobile, desktop, back-end, and IoT applications to identify vulnerabilities automated testing can’t find.

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