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Metrics For Managing AppSec

Many organizations see their AppSec programs fail because they don’t have data-driven insights to help develop and mature their programs. Our analytics provide customers with visibility into data that helps them scale their program and achieve their AppSec goals.

Demonstrate Success

Our analytics provide the insight needed to demonstrate progress and success to key stakeholders through pre-built dashboards and data visualizations. Because it is SaaS-based, our solution can also benchmark the success of a program against similar organizations within the industry.

Optimize Efforts

By providing insight into the remediation skills developers have built, and where there is a need for training, Veracode’s analytics help ensure that development teams are equipped to address security findings.

Guide Future Investment

Our analytics provide metrics across all our offerings, displaying the value of different scan types, and how those scans impact security findings. With that data, teams can pinpoint where further investment is required to achieve business goals.

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